Orchard House​

The Orchard House at Godavari stands as a testament to the young man’s visionary dedication in creating a harmonious haven that complements nature.


Many of Patan’s traditional Newari residences remain in a dilapidated situation as the residents moved away from the city core into the suburbs hence much of these buildings were ultimately facing demolition.

Vishuddhi Yogalaya​

The yogalaya, built entirely in rammed earth accommodates a Yoga retreat and residential facilities for the practitioners and their trainers.


A mixed used building in Durbar Marg, the heart of Kathmandu. The first four floors were designed for commercial spaces while the upper two floors serve as apartment spaces.

Jiri House​

The design of this modern residence pays homage to the existing local vernacular architecture while catering to contemporary living needs.

Ama Ghar

Located on a gentle southwest slope in Godavari the new Amaghar children’s home is meant to house some seventy children and supporting staff. 

Mato Ghar

At Matoghar, traditional materials with contemporary techniques have been combined to achieve a modern, climate responsive and earthquake resilient design.

Moskha Jomsom

The architectural concept for Moksha Jomsom, was conceived by Prabal Thapa Architects in 2015. Careful consideration was given to designing the resort hotel in a way that harmonizes with the rugged yet pristine landscape of lower Mustang.

Nandikeshar Park

This community park covers approximately 20 ropanies (1 ha) of land and lies in the heart of Kathmandu city.

Ironically the park was completed a few months prior to the 2015 earthquake.

Situated within Lalitpur’s residential enclave, this home seeks the harmonious blend of timeless design and sustainable living principles. Constructed with exposed 14-inch thick brick walls, the residence stands as a testament to both  durability and traditional craftsmanship. Master bricklayers from Patan and Kirtipur were selected for their expertise.

Kopila Valley School

The buildings emulate the vernacular hillside dwelling in form and are climatically responsive. Southern verandas shade the interior spaces from harsh heat gain during the summer months, while large openings coerce southwestern prevailing winds through the classroom interiors.

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