traditional bed and Breakfast Swotha

Location: Patan, Lalitpur
Material: Brick and timber
Concept: Prabal Thapa
Revitalization Project 2011

Many of Patan’s traditional Newari residences remain in a dilapidated situation as the residents moved away from the city core into the suburbs hence much of these buildings were ultimately facing demolition.

Floor plan of historical building with modern planning in in Patan Nepal.

The idea was to start a renovation project for such dilapidated properties and reuse the restored buildings for commercial purpose. This Swotha house built in the 1930s was renovated into a contemporary upscale Bed & Breakfast and is now generating a significant income for the owners. As a result, there are now numerous well renovated buildings that offer quality shops, eateries and lodging in Patan.


The ground floor of this renovated building serves as a cafe for the general public while the remaining four and a half storeys’ house seven guest rooms.

Dinning area for guests of a restaurant in Patan Nepal.
Traditional Building exterior of evening in Patan Nepal.
Traditional building in Patan Nepal.
Modern toilet plan in in Patan Nepal.
Balcony of a traditional home in Patan Nepal.
Simple modern indoor sitting area with open window
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