About us

Established almost two decades ago, the firm has completed a range of architectural projects, including the renovation of historic buildings, the design of residential commercial as well as institutional buildings. 


We strive to incorporate sustainable design solutions in all projects, offering energy efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients. Placement and orientation of the building into the terrain, optimized construction techniques and selection of appropriate construction material form a key part of the planning process. Passive solar design principles are incorporated to ensure the building operates on minimum energy requirements. 


Waste water management, rain water separation, solid waste solutions and Biogas plants as alternative energy source are usually an integral part of our design package.


Landscaping is incorporated to actively facilitate the micro climate around the build.  These are ensured through the selection of suitable plants and trees. Site works such as retaining walls and paving are selected to provide maximum water permeability for groundwater recharge.


Our aim is to establish a comfortable, economic and sustainable entity.

Architect team working together in Nepal

our design team:

Prabal Shumsher Thapa, Dipl. Ing. (Masters in Architecture), Technical University, Vienna 

Arc. Suraj LamaB Arc Tribhuwan University

Arc. Arun Rana MagarB Arc Tribhuwan University

Arc. Rupa SahukhalB Arc Tribhuwan University

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